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Mon Nov 30 14:49:48 GMT 2009

bad signal

It is officially too cold to sit in the outdoor smoking compound
at the pub.  So I'm inside the pub with an e-cigarette, which
takes the edge off, just.  So tired that death looks good.   There
was a time when work eased off towards Xmas, but these days
it seems to just get eight times as bad.  I had to drop DO
ANYTHING for several weeks in order to meet priority deadlines
elsewhere.  Not that anyone noticed.   The next issue of
SUPERGOD will probably ship a little late, too.  By which I
mean issue 3, because apparently issue 2 ships this week,
which actually sounds early to me.  Avatar tell me that reorders
on issue 1 are going strong.

Talking of DA, I wrote the design document for the first collection
some weeks back, so I guess you can look for that book in
spring 2010.  Both of you.

Read the RED script.  Not bad.  Not the book, but not bad.
Funny.  Especially when you know the casting.  Very tight
piece of work.  Talked to the producers last week.  They're
all kind of giddy over the casting coups.  Who wouldn't want
to see Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle?

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